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    Aon Ari.

    Property for the people.

    As a leading diversified property group, the primary focus of Aon Ari is always people. From our tenants and investors, to clients, workers and visitors, the key to providing exceptional, innovative spaces in the market is keeping the human experience at the forefront of our minds, and ensuring the delight and wellbeing of the employers and employees that work on-site.

    From the physical environment, transport, access points, landscaping and surrounds, down to the inclusion of world-class amenities and the latest technology, our properties are handcrafted for the comfort of workers, and to create collaborative, welcoming work environments.

    Our Values


    Our goal is to service the communities in which we operate, providing innovative, versatile spaces that help individuals and businesses thrive. To reach this goal we bring people together; individuals to business, business to industry, and industry to the community.


    Aon Ari is dedicated to reducing the ecological footprint of the property development industry. We responsibly repurpose and carefully redevelop existing premises, revitalising old spaces with little to no waste, and with a focus on responsible development and sustainability.


    We promote strong community connections and consistently create new opportunities for businesses to work together. Operating in areas we know well, Aon Ari is embedded in the local community, and dedicated to fostering meaningful, long-term connections and opportunities.

    Our Methodology


    1. Assessment
    We invest where we see undervalued and underutilised properties that exhibit potential for redevelopment, and are likely to achieve above market returns.

    2. Reinvigoration and Asset Improvement
    By understanding the property’s specific needs and potentials, Aon Ari creates plans to increase connectivity, improve amenities, expand floor space where possible, and ultimately uplift social and commercial value.

    3. Deployment
    After reinvigorating our properties, we use our extensive industry and community connections to lease, populate and vitalise our premises.

    About Our Founder

    Aon Ari is the product of founder and CEO John Joannou’ s experience in the property development industry. John has a track record of acquiring undervalued assets, and formulating value-adding strategies that have earned him a reputation as a specialist in the property sector.

    John holds a substantial wealth of technical knowledge and practical business experience, stemming from a history of developing a number of grass-roots start-up companies in the property sector.


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