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    Digital Transfomation

    Digital Transformation

    In an era of exponential technological advancement, exciting opportunities arise to make workspaces, industrial and manufacturing premises smarter, more comfortable, and more convenient. As a leader in revolutionising undervalued space, Aon Ari embraces high technology and customised digitalisation to custom create smart spaces that are optimised for people’s work practices, moods and movement.

    Our digitalisation solutions are based on modern machine learning and artificial intelligence integration, with NFC installed to streamline identity confirmation processes when people enter our properties. In addition, our spaces offer smart parking systems, crystal clear HD display systems, intelligent license plate readers, smartphone app integrations and more.

    Our goal is to transform properties into smart spaces that can feel and understand people by clicks of a button on their phone.


    We are dedicated to delivering the most innovative solution for smart premises, including state-of-the-art security, access controls, communications and network storage.

    Building Management Systems

    We provide our tenants with high-quality spaces that can be managed through advanced digital systems, including integrated apps and electronic controls.

    App Integrations

    App integrations for our premises include smart locks for entrance doors, storage, fridges and cupboards, accessible 24/7 via smartphone integration.

    Maintenance + Upgrades

    Utilising our wide network of technology suppliers, we explore, install, maintain and upgrade our world-class technologies, keeping our tenants at the forefront of technological operation.


    Across all technology, lighting and energy use, we maintain a commitment to reducing our energy use and ecological footprint.


    Our advanced security systems include high-definition cameras, crystal clear digital displays, and readers that can understand and respond to gestures.

    Research & Development

    We consistently undertake further research and development to explore and implement further technology upgrades and integrations.


    Aon Ari provides the wide network of suppliers to install world-class technologies such as fibre-optics, Lora-low optic radio, Foxtel / TV etc.

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